Monday, May 26, 2014

Purging = Simplicity

When I open my closet, I quickly shut it - it's disorganized and filled with clothing.  When I need to get a coffee cup, I open the cupboard very slowly, to make sure none of the other 75 or so cups in there fall out.  When I'm done vacuuming, I push all the coats to the side, and push the vacuum in while pushing the door closed (it's the only way to get it to close all the way).  Linen closet? Filled with hotel-shampoos and travel toothpastes.  Kids rooms - filled with toys, books, and crayons.  Dining room - craft cart, filled with coloring books and crayons.  Classroom - more books, toys, and crayons.  And don't even get me started on the garage - it is a nightmare.

Living the American dream.

We've been told a lie - that when we have more money, we buy more stuff, and it makes us happier. 

Stuff does not equal happiness.  Stuff is imprisoning, overwhelming, and sometimes, debilitating.

We're not hoarders, not by any stretch.  But, we have so much - too much.  Stuff that we don't need, and probably won't ever use.  I've been inspired by others to begin purging unneeded items as a way to simplify my life.  As a goal, I am aiming on a garbage bag-full per week.  It's a small, manageable amount, that will hopefully keep me consistent over the next couple of weeks.  I plan on focusing on one area each week, and thought it would be helpful to keep a log here.  Come back regularly, as I'll be updating each week (minus a few for vacationing/camping/etc).

Week 1 - MY clothing and shoes - I got rid of anything that didn't meet the following guidelines (this was donated to Amvets).

      1. it must fit well and make me feel good.  Anything that makes me feel fat or sloppy is gone.
      2. I have to wear it somewhat regularly.  If I haven't worn it in two years, it's gone.
Week 2 - linens - I got rid of extra sheets.  I kept one spare set for each bed (plus, one extra flat sheet for indoor picnics).  One thing that I'm embarrassed to say, is that I had quite the selection of full sheets sets.  We haven't owned a full-sized bed in eight years...
I also got rid of the kids' baby (hooded) towels - again, just not needed, we haven't had a baby in {gasp!} four years.

If you're feeling imprisoned by stuff as well, please join me on this journey.  Let me know what areas you think we should work on together.