Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bzzagent Review - Green Mountain Coffee Wellness Collection

A few weeks ago I was able to review the new Green Mountain Coffee Wellness Collection as part of a Bzzcampaign.  Below is a photo of the kit I received along with the review I completed.

Last week, I had the pleasure of receiving a 12 pack of K-cups from Green Mountain. I was surprised at how generous they were on the quantity of K-Cups as well as the amount of coupons. The day I received the cups, I decided to try the antioxidant blend. I am sort of picky about coffee. I don't really care for stronger roasts as they tend to taste bitter and almost ashtray-like to me, so I wasn't quite sure if I would like the coffee. I was surprised. The coffee was very smooth and not too strong. I added my favorite creamer and drank the cup in record time. It was very good. I couldn't taste any sort of additive, it just tasted like (really good) coffee. The next day, I had an important doctor's appointment which I knew I could receive some tough news. So, I decided to drink the Focus blend. I thought if there was anytime I needed to stay focused, this was it. Again, I really liked the coffee. It was also smooth, and not bitter. I did feel focused at the appointment. I was concerned that I would forget to tell the doctor one of the symptoms, but I didn't. I also left the appointment feeling like I remembered everything the doctor said. I'm scratching my head for something negative to say, but I just can't think of anything! I will be purchasing Green Mountain Coffee in the future. Thanks for a great product!

Bzzagent review - CoverGirl BlastFlipStick

As a Bzzagent, I had the opportunity to review CoverGirl BlastFlipSticks.  Below is my review along with a photo of the kit I received.

As part of this campaign, I received 3 Flipsticks. The Mink, which is a darker brown shade with a coppery shimmer. Stunner, which is a coral shade and a bronze shimmer. And finally, Vixen, which is a dark pink with a lighter pink shimmer. The bzzkit was generous - however, I wouldn't have picked any of the shades I received. Mink looked crazy on me - if I wiped some of the stick off, it may work. I didn't like how Stunner looked on me either, however, the colors reminded me of summer. Of all the sticks, I liked Vixen the best. I like the packaging of the Blastflipsticks. Their metallic looking in the middle, with two clear caps. I like that it makes it easy to see the colors. They were easy to open, and the caps 'snap' so that they won't come off in your purse. Also, the lids are designed so that if you turn the base of the lipstick, the sticks won't rise while the cap is on. This is a big plus as I've had many tips ruined by caps. The stick is easy to hold while applying. I like the feel of the lipstick. The non-shimmered end is very smooth and creamy. The shimmery ends aren't as smooth going on. It seems that the shimmer in each stick is different. For the stunner, it's almost glittery, but the others have a much more subtle shimmer. I also like that it is pigmented. Some of the colors didn't look quite right on me, but I could wipe some off my lips, and there would still be some sufficient stain. With the shimmered ends, if you wipe it off, it seems that the shimmery part comes off (if that makes any sense). The taste isn't bad either. I wore the lipstick all day, and didn't experience any feathering at all - this is another big plus for me. It's also long lasting if you're not eating/drinking. You definitely need to reapply after eating though. All in all I liked the Blastflipstick. I'll have to see what other shades they offer before I decide if I'd buy this - unfortunately, the price is kind of high, so that will influence my decision as well.