Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heading to Iowa in the morning!

Tomorrow, X-Man and I will be flying to Iowa. I'm a little nervous because I get a little bit of motion sickness in planes; I also get scared with take-offs and landings. Luckily he's flown before, so hopefully he can help me to be brave!

I try my best not to complain, but I am disappointed in the airline industry. We're trying to find tickets for November 29 - 30 and December 13-14, but all the tickets are $200 more than other weeks (that's $400 more for two tickets). It's so frustrating! I'm trying to brainstorm what other options we have. We're thinking about maybe staying out there for a week so that he can get two sets of casts in one trip.

At any rate - we're still feeling incredibly blessed to get to see such a wonderful medical team. I have more things, people, etc, to be thankful for than ever.

When we return on Monday, I'll have an update on our visit. Hopefully they'll tell us that we only need to come out one more time - that would solve our traveling dilemma!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck.

    I too am a nervous flyer but put on my brave face for Matthew. Some flights are easier then others.

    Have you looked into Shriners to help out with the costs? The local shriners here sponsor Matthew and pay for our flights and accommodations when we go. And we are flying from Western Canada. The flights are often pricey but we have never once be asked why or turned down.

    Good luck, hope things go well. Looking forward to the update when you return.