Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lou is two and X has flexible feet!

So, this time I'm not going to apologize for taking months (again) to post an entry. I'm a slacker. If you've been following, this is nothing new. Well, let me re-phrase... I'm a slacking-blogger. I'm a busy girl, for real. I've been busy taking care of my amazing kids, planning a two-year party for my darling Little Lou (she chose an insect themed party, which was AWESOME!), taking X-Man to weekly PT appointments and AWANA (more on that later), working more hours from home than ever (job-security yo!), all while trying to keep a clean home and sleeping eight hours a night. So, blog posts have been pretty low on the priority list - understandably so, right?!

As I mentioned, Little Lou is now two. It's so hard to believe. I remember when that sweet girl was born. Perhaps the most prominent memory is that of the first night in the hospital. In the middle of the night, I hear the LOUDEST baby coming down the hall. The baby was getting closer, and closer, and I think I may have said "That better not be my kid!" - guess who it was...

This girl:

Now, two years later, she is a confident, spunky, beautiful little girl. She loves animals (in fact, she has to kiss them when she sees them in books or in real life), baby dolls (she tries to sleep with five of them each night and names them all 'Kitty Cat' or 'Turtle'), and insects. If she sees a bug, she'll immediately try to hold it, and, if for some reason she's not allowed to hold the bug (because of pinchers on ickiness), she will stomp it until it no longer moves. She's passionate.

So, X-Man has started AWANA - he is a first year Cubbie and LOVES it! He is so good at memorizing scripture and enjoys earning things for his efforts. Tonight he earned his first patch for his vest, I am one proud Mama!

As I mentioned above, X-Man has been going to physical therapy each week. Three weeks ago, his physical therapist, measured his dorsiflexion, and it measured at... ready for this? Twelve-fifteen degrees. If you have a child with clubfoot, you know this is amazing, especially for my guy who was at zero less than a year ago! So, the following week, Lindsay (his PT) measured again, and both feet were again, between twelve-fifteen degrees. So, we are now going to PT every other week - we're very excited about this! We still stretch every evening, and I can tell there's a huge difference between now and even two months ago.

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of September. It's even harder to believe that a year ago I felt unsure and scared of X-Man's future with clubfoot. We thought for sure that he would have to have an ATTT and even that didn't have guaranteed results. Luckily, we were able to avoid that surgery and he is doing better than ever. He has a very confident walk - most people call it a strut, and he runs as quick as children his age without clubfoot.
So, life has been good here. There's been a lot of craziness and keeping bust, but the big things are all in place, I feel incredibly blessed.


  1. That is AWESOME dorsiflexion! Yay!!!

    P/t has made such a difference for us too. So glad to hear it is working in your house as well.