Sunday, December 6, 2009


So, today Little Lou and I dropped X-Man off at the Airport around 10:45; their flight was supposed to leave at 12:30. Ben calls me at 1:30, the plane is still on the ground. Apparently, there was some sort of mechanical malfunction (thank God they noticed this on the ground!) so they had to wait for a mechanic to work on the plane.

At around 2, the mechanic shows up, then they find out that something else is wrong with the plane, so they have to wait. Finally around 2:45 or 3, they let everyone off the plane because there is something else wrong with the plane. They re-board and finally leave at 4:00pm. I can just imagine how crazy that must've been to have a two year old on a plane for over two hours, not going anywhere.

Now, here's the good news. Their connecting flight in MN was supposed to leave at 3:45. Luckily, this flight was delayed until 7pm, so they were able to catch their flight (totally a God-thing). Then, Ben called the RMH to tell them what was going on (I talked to them earlier in the day and was told that they wouldn't be able to stay there tonight because they would be arriving after check in hours; they did find some hotel accommodations for a reasonable rate) one of the employees volunteered to stay late to check Ben and X-Man in.

Without a doubt, the people at the RMH are amazing. Because of this employee, we saved so much money. The shuttle company from the airport charges $70 round-trip; however, as a RMH resident, we get a free ride each trip (we just have to tip the driver) also, volunteers bring dinner to the RMH most Sundays (so if they stayed in a hotel, they would have needed to purchase dinner) Panera brings breakfast on Monday morning (so they would have had to buy breakfast too). How amazing. I am so thankful for the Ronald McDonald House. They really are amazing.

Ben had a rough day today, but he said X-Man was a trooper. I am so proud of my little guy; I can't wait to see him tomorrow! He said he's going to get one green cast and one red cast, what a spirited little guy! This may be his last week of casts if everything is still progressing. Looking back, it's hard to believe how quickly the past couple months have gone by. I'm so thankful for this chapter in our lives; it has made us stronger as a family and has made us re-evaluate our values. Thank you God.

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