Monday, December 7, 2009

Iowa - Week 5

Week 5 = festive casts!
This morning, X-Man got his 5th set of casts. As usual, he cried when they removed his casts, and when the doctors came in to apply his new ones. Ben was told that X-Man's left foot is progressing as expected (YAY!), but his right foot isn't as loose as they thought it would be. It sounds like he may need another cast on his left foot, but probably two or three more on his right. He may also need a tenotomy on his right foot (he had a tenotomy on both feet at seven or eight weeks of age).

I'm kind of bummed, but I know things will be alright. We were hoping to only go out one or two more times, but now it sounds like it may be closer to four times. His next appointment is on Monday, so we're hoping to get airline tickets for Sunday/Monday. Also, Nurse Joyce (she was Dr. Ponseti's nurse for years) gave us some information on Angel Flights. It's a charity that gives free private flights to children (and their families) for medical treatment. I think we may look into this option.

At any rate, please keep praying for us. Everyone has been so generous and kind, and we are forever thankful for that.


  1. Love the Christmas colors!

    Yes, Angel Flight is a wonderful organization. Also, Shriner's may take you on and pay for flights and accommodations.

    Matthew is sponsored by Shriner's. Without them... we would not be seeing Dr Dobbs and I do not want to think of what would be.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I didn't realize that Shriner's also covers flights. Would we have to go to St. Louis then? We're quite happy with Dr. Morcuende, but I've also heard nothing but good things about Dr. Dobbs.