Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our classroom!

It's pretty late, but I just finished installing curtains in our homeschool classroom so I thought I'd (quickly) post some photos.

 I love these lights!  I got them on clearance from Target.

 The table and chairs we already had.  There's a reading corner by the beanbag chairs.

 Our crib was recalled, so we turned it into a desk.  The top was painted with chalkboard paint.

 We hung all their school supplies on the converted-crib desk.

 One of our two bookshelves from Ikea.

 Another bookshelf.  You'll also notice there's a curtain rod near the ceiling - this is to display their artwork.  There's also a schedule, calendar, and whiteboard.

 The files on the wall hold their workbooks.  I also made a valence since I couldn't find any that I liked.

Close up of the valence.

We're starting school on Thursday and the kids are SO excited!  I'll update the blog with a first day post later this week.  

As always, thanks for reading!

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