Friday, August 31, 2012

More Free Stuff! Unreal Candy Review

As I mentioned on a previous post, I'm a Bzzagent.  Because of this, I get to try products for free.  My most recent campaign was for Unreal candy.

 My review is below:
I had the opportunity to try all five varieties of Unreal candy. It was difficult to find - the first Kroger I went to did not carry Unreal (I even went to customer service and they said they had never seen the product). The second Kroger I went to had them, but I had to ask customer service for help; they had to ask a manager to help me find the product. I had expected to find it in one of three places - 1) the candy row, 2) the natural foods section, or 3) the checkout. It was in none of those places, rather it was an end cap (which even as the manager was pointing to the product, I couldn't see it easily). I say all this to recommend that Unreal change how and where they display their product, I walked right past it and didn't notice it (while searching for it), I'm sure many other people have walked by without seeing the candy. I decided to try all five varieties since my store had all of them in stock. Below is my review on each product.

1 - Unreal 41 (candy coated chocolates). When I first picked up the package, I was surprised at how light it was compared to a bag of M&Ms. The serving size of Unreal is smaller than the serving size of M&Ms, so I feel that it would be very easy for someone to be misled by the nutritional content if they just compared the labels of the two candies without taking size into consideration. I do like the packaging, it's attractive. Upon opening the candy, I found that the colors of the actual candies were quite different from the colors on the wrapper. I was surprised by that. My kids (3 and 5) actually said they liked the colors of Unreal better than the colors of M&Ms (and I liked the source of the colors better!). The taste was very good. It was less sweet than M&Ms and tasted more like dark chocolate, which I really liked. My kids said they prefer Unreal to M&Ms.

2 - Unreal 8 - chocolate, nougat, peanuts, and caramel. This one was my favorite. It was so good. The salty and sweet were balanced very well. The nougat reminded me of a Mars bar, (which happens to be one of my favorites). The texture was fantastic. I have nothing negative whatsoever to say about this candy bar. All good!

 3 - Unreal 54 - candy covered chocolate with peanuts. These were very good too. Again, the colors on the packaging were much different than the actual colors. There was a good salty/sweet balance and the chocolate again was less sweet than what we've come to expect in candy. I actually prefer this level of sweetness. I did feel that the serving size was small. My children devoured them, so it could just be that they ate so quickly that I only got a couple.

4 - Unreal 5 - chocolate, nougat, and caramel. This one was also very good. The caramel is milky and soft, almost buttery. Very good. The nougat is a little denser than what I would have expected, but still delicious. This candy also tasted more like dark chocolate (again, as I would prefer).

5 - Unreal 77 - chocolate covered peanut butter cups. When I first opened them, I was surprised that there was no liner on the peanut butter cups (as I was expecting Reese). Now that I think about it, it's smart to not have the liners - less packaging = less waste. I also noticed the logo on the bottom of the peanut butter cup, I thought that was a nice touch. The actual cup was thinner than a Reese cup, and at first (before tasting), I was disappointed in this. Once I tasted the peanut butter cup, there was absolutely no disappointment! The candy tastes rich, almost like a buckeye. The peanut butter was smooth and tasted more like peanuts than Reese cups. The texture and balance of sweet and salt was perfect. I am now a fan of Unreal. I was shocked at how delicious the products are. This has (to date) been my favorite BzzCampaign! Before trying the candy, I thought, "why would they pick the name 'Unreal'? Since there's no artificial ingredients, shouldn't the name be 'Real'?". Then I tasted it, and one word came to mind: Unreal.

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