Monday, July 2, 2012

Free stuff! And, Kroger Family Night Review

I've been telling lots of friends and family members about  A few months ago (April or May), my friends told me about Bzzagent - they said it was a way to try new products for free.  Well, free is most-definitely for me, so I signed up immediately.  At first I had to fill out maybe 30 surveys (these surveys help vendors to determine if you are the right demographic for their campaigns).  After the first week, I would get maybe one or two surveys a week.  Some of these surveys have only one question, some have fifteen.  Regardless, they don't take more than ten minutes to complete.

Last month I was selected to try Dr. Scholl's inserts for high heels.  This month (I was SUPER excited about this one) I was selected for Kroger's Family Night.  In my kit, I received some new tortilla CUPZ, and a mango melon vitamin drink.  I also received a coupon for a free Kroger frozen pizza and free frozen fruit bars.  There were also a bunch of 20% off coupons for me to share with friends (so, let me know if you want one!).  I'll post a photo of my kit once my memory card is found.  My review on the items can be found HERE.

I do think that I should mention (again) how good the pizza was.  I really am not a huge fan of frozen pizza, but it was REALLY good!

Let me know if you have any questions - I really do love being a Bzzagent!

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