Saturday, May 4, 2013

Today's Creed

I've been struggling.  A lot.  I've been seeing evil (in the world), I've felt abandoned, I've felt not good enough.  I've lost sleep, made mountains out of mole hills, and have either not cared for myself, or have been so focused on myself that I've neglected others.   I've been worried about things that may not happen, I've been worried about things that may happen.  I've cried, I've lost joy, and I've found myself in a dark rut.  And I'm done.  I'm over the worry, I'm over the anxiety, I'm over the bad. 

I am blessed.
I am saved.
I am kind.
I care and I love deeply.
I am favored.
I am gracious.

I will not allow anxiety to rob me of joy, confidence, sleep, sanity, relationships, honesty, or life.

Life is bigger than this.

God cares. My anxiety is His, for I am His.

I will find joy in EVERY day.  For my children, for myself, and for the one who gives me each morning.

I refuse to focus on evil.

I will delight in truth.

Truth is love.
Truth is good.
Truth is real.
Truth is Godly.

I choose joy.
I choose love.
I choose truth.
I choose to live.

Yesterday was worry.
Today is a new day.
Today is truth.
Today is peace.
Today is hope.
Today is the only day.
Today is new.
Today starts now.

I am ready.

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