Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disney World Curriculum - Day 2 - Europe (Italy, Germany, France)

Yesterday was a pretty busy day, which is part of the reason I am just now posting this.  Epcot World Showcase has five European countries, which I thought was too many for one day.  We chose to focus on just three.  Here's what we did yesterday:


  • National Geographic Website - this is a wonderful resource (since we just found out about it yesterday, we also looked up the countries we learned about on day 1).  There's photos, facts, maps, and videos about several countries.
  • Find Out About Italy By: Patricia Borlenghi
  • Michaelangelo By: Diane Stanley - we mostly skimmed through this, but enjoyed looking at his work.
  • We also talked about Pinocchio being from Italy.


  •  National Geographic Website
  • A Look at Germany By: Helen Frost
  • We talked about how Snow White is from Germany (at least in World Showcase!)
  • I learned that many composers are from Germany - Beethoven, Bach, Brahams, Schumann, and Wagner just to name a few.  So, we listened to a few songs:
    • Brahms Lullaby
    • Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 


  • National Geographic Website 
  • Find Out About France by: Duncan Crosbie
  • We talked about which Disney characters are from France, including Belle and the Beast, Aurora, The Aristocats, Remy and others from Ratatouille

Europe - Art

For an art lesson, I had them decide which country's flag they would like to make.  Since all three of these countries have simple designs, I thought it would be good cutting and pasting practice.  Little Lou chose Italy, and X-Man chose France.

Stay tuned.  Our next blog post will be about England and Norway.  We're getting so excited for out trip, and learning about the various countries is making it even more exciting! 

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