Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disney World Curriculum - Day 3 - Norway and England

I think today was my favorite day of our Disney World lessons so far.  I learned quite a bit about England (it's embarrassing how much I didn't know).  I also realized just how gorgeous Norway must be (though, COLD!).  You'll notice we didn't have an art lesson to go along with today's countries.  That is because a month or so ago, I signed them up for a two hour art and creativity class for this afternoon.  There wasn't time or energy today.  Tomorrow is a new day though!


  • National Geographic Website
  • England By: Kay Melchisedech Olson - mostly skimmed this one
  • A to Z England  By: Byron and Rebecca A. Augustin
  • Postcards From Great Britain By: Helen Arnold (this one was one of my favorites!)
  • Skimmed through National Geographic Kids: Everything Castles By: Crispin Boyer
  • We talked about a few words that differ in American English from British English (loo vs toilet, trainers vs. sneakers, sweets vs. candies, etc.)
  • We talked about characters from England, including: Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Pongo and Perdita and others from 101 Dalmations, Mary Poppins, and Alice


  • National Geographic Website
  • A Primary Source Guide to Norway By: Elizabeth Rose
  • Norway By: Elaine Landau
  • Three Billy Goats Gruff - many Norwegian stories a centered around trolls, so we thought this would be a good additon
  • Last week in our normal homeschool curriculum, we also discussed vikings, so we talked about that for a few minutes today too

 I do hope you'll check out the National Geographic Website - the videos they post are about things that aren't typically covered in traditional kids books, which I think is refreshing.  There are also breathtaking photos (especially the one of the Northern Lights in Norway).

Tomorrow, (I think) we'll focus on Asia.  Or Morocco...  I guess you'll have to remain in suspense until then!

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