Monday, October 19, 2009

Appointment number one

I thought I'd start off with a photo of Little Lou playing with measuring cups in our room (it has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was cute!).

Today's appointment went pretty well. The hospital is maybe the biggest one I've ever seen - it really was amazing. I got a little emotional when it really sank in that we were at THE Ponseti Clinic.

X-Man under the sign of THE Ponseti Clinic - also, he's holding a new friend that he got from the RMH

Joyce, Dr. Ponseti's nurse walked us back to the room. She also told me that Dr. Ponseti passed away yesterday (he had a major stroke that left him comatose on Thursday). It was so sad to hear; although I didn't get a chance to meet him, his work has made X-Man's life so much easier than it would've been years ago. We also got to meet nurse Maria - she is just as nice in person as on the phone.

Then, we got to meet Dr. Morcuende. He was so nice. Both Ben and I felt completely comfortable talking to him. You could tell that he really believes in the method and took the time to explain why just having surgery won't get us good results. And, although the Ponseti Fund will be covering our health care bills, he said he would like to work with us to fight the insurance company - not necessarily to get them to cover our bills, but to make sure that other parents don't have to go through the same thing. He also had two or three doctors with him - he was teaching them the method. It was great to see that the method is spreading (one was actually visiting from Japan!).

After we talked more about X-Man's treatment, they started casting him. At first he did really well. I could tell he was uncomfortable with the stretching because he kept holding his breath. Towards the end of the first cast, he started tearing up and was crying uncontrollably by the end. It's so hard to see him uncomfortable, but, we're avoiding an unnecessary surgery, so it's totally worth it.

Our next appointment is next Monday. I feel so blessed that X-Man has been given such an amazing opportunity to be treated by such an amazing medical team.

X-Man chose green casts for week one

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