Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I loathe our insurance company, but I love God!

So, this morning starts off by a call from University of Iowa's financial office. The guy on the phone tells me that our insurance company has denied coverage for X-Man's castings (wow, I am so glad not to have his job!). He tells us we can become self-pay and gives me an estimate of how much all of his visits would cost us. Let me tell you, they were so generous with the amount that they will charge us - I was expecting charges much higher than what he told me. As a self-pay patient, we will have to pay $700 on Monday and then pay the rest as we go on with treatment.

After I put the kids down for naps, I called Anthem and asked if they could provide a reason that our coverage was denied. They tell me it's because people in Ohio do the Ponseti method (once again I explain that they do the method for babies, not for relapsed children). I ask what option I have, can I talk to someone else to get this taken care of? They tell me to call Dr. M and ask for three times that they can call him for a Doctor to Doctor consultation.
I call Dr. M's office and leave a message for his nurse, Maria (she, BTW is maybe the kindest person I've talked to in a while). She calls me back and says (paraphrased)
"I'm sorry that your insurance company is giving you so much trouble. I talked to Dr. Morcuende, and he said don't even worry about the insurance company. Come to your appointment on Monday, we will cover the costs..."
I can't breathe. I can't talk
"We have a fund set up for people in your situation. Of course we like to make money, but we want your son to be able to have treatment."
I tell her "You're going to make me cry... " I think I muttered some non-sense and then thanked her again, and again, and again.

How amazing is that?

I called Ben, I feel bad. There are so many people who are in much worse situations than us. He tells me "Michelle, this is God's hand at work". Wow, that Ben is so intuitive. We agree that we will pay back every cent so that someone else can have this amazing opportunity - it may take a year or so, but we'll do it.

I woke up this morning praying that God would have insurance cover our costs... God responded by giving us an amazing opportunity. Our X-Man gets to see the top Ponseti team in the world for treatment, and we only have to pay for our travel costs. Talk about answered prayers.

Thank you God... How could I ask for more?

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