Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're here!

We have arrived in Iowa. Luckily, today was a beautiful day, perfect for traveling! We had quite a few meltdowns on the ride here, but had lunch at a rest stop with a playground; that was perfect for X-Man.

Our picnic lunch

We checked in at the RMH around 3:30 central time and were given a wonderful room with way more than we ever would've expected. The house itself is amazing, 25,000 square feet with a children's library (Ben is reading to X-Man as we speak), game room, play room, playground, four kitchens (plus, we have one in our room), a music room, basketball court, and so much more. Everyone has been very friendly.

X-Man's favorite toy on the playground

Little Lou had fun walking around the playground

After checking in, we set up the playpens (thanks Mom and Dad for letting us borrow one!) and then took the kids out to play on the playground (it was 60 degrees here!). Then, we went out to dinner and came back to the house to play in the playroom. We met another child and his dad who have been seeing Dr. M. In the past few years, I've only met two other people who had children with clubfoot, so it was very encouraging to talk to him and talk about all the progress his son has made. X-Man also seemed very interested in the little guy's casts, and started talking about how he wants to get white casts like the little guy

Having fun in the playroom

I'll write more once we get home. We appreciate everyone's continued prayers and will keep you posted.

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